My Interview with the OFSTED Big Cheeses

October 22, 2014

I realise this has been available in another format for a while, but I have only just found it in a form I can embed on my blog. This is the interview I did with OFSTED’s Mike Cladingbowl and Sean Harford at ResearchED last month. It has been cut so that it misses out the bit where I say I’m going to take questions via Twitter, so it may look like I lost interest and started playing with my phone part way through. Honestly, I’m not playing Candy Crush, I’m just looking for questions.

Update: 22/10/2014 Actually, if I’m pointing out something about OFSTED I should probably also publicise:

1) My post about meeting Sean Harford in July, as I think a lot of people missed it because it was in the summer holidays.

2) The latest OFSTED clarification about what they want. Some particularly helpful comments in there about marking and observation that everyone should know.



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