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December 11, 2011

I have been nominated for the “Best Teacher Blog” in the 2011 Edublog awards. Voting closes in a day or two, so I thought I’d better bring it to your attention now. Click on the badge or follow the link here. For reasons too tedious to explain they seem to be under the impression my blog is called “Scenes from the Facilitation of Independent Learning”. Don’t let that put you off. Just follow the link, find “best teacher blog” and my blog, and vote for me, in the next 24 hours. Thanks.



  1. “Scenes from the Facilitation of Independent Learning” – must be galling to be assisiated with mamby pamby independent learning … Lol

    • Well I did change the title of my blog to that for a few days.

      Who would have guessed that American edubloggers would be unable to recognise irony?

  2. Don’t agree with everything you say (I think knowing BBC Basic is more useful than Latin which I say both as a programmer and fan of ancient history, not that I have anything against Latin) but in general I find your blog interesting, well informed and entertaining so I was pleased to vote for it as the best teacher blog.

  3. Voted! I much prefer your honest assessments to those who blow smoke up the a$$e$ of everyone with their ideas.

  4. I voted for you because you don’t rant, you back up all your views with thorough research and solid arguments. (Plus I tend to agree with you which helps.)Thank you for all your hard work.

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