Back To Work

September 3, 2009




  1. Fantastic – a copy has just gone onto our staffroom wall in memory of the three and a half hours of my life that was wasted on such ‘training’ this morning.


  2. At first I laughed… but then realised I’d not find it quite so funny by about 11.30 on Monday morning.

  3. I refer you to my thread on TES:

  4. btw, this is interesting news..

  5. Ha Ha! That is perfect, absolutely spot on. I cry when I think of the days wasted for Inset that I will never get back. I spend the whole time think about what I could be doing that is actually relevant and useful to my job.

  6. this where the iphone comes in handy.

    insets have meant im up to 10,500 points in ‘tubz’.

    online shopping is also possible.

    just make sure u sit at the back.

    ps the real thing i learn from insets is a real respect for pupils who sit through this guff day in day out. nuff respect

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