Top rated posts in 2017

January 1, 2018

The following posts got the most views in 2017. Most of them weren’t actually written in 2017, so do check the date before reading.

  1. The Darkest Term: Teacher Stress and Depression
  2. A Myth for Teachers: Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet
  3. Good Year Heads
  4. How to Destroy NQTs
  5. Charlie and the Inclusive Chocolate Factory
  6. The Rise Of The Progressive Trolls
  7. How Educational Progressives are still trying to silence those who disagree
  8. Seven Habits of Highly Defective Headteachers
  9. The Chartered Teacher Programme: Another stick to beat teachers with
  10. Academic and non-academic subjects
  11. Don’t let phonics denialists move the goal posts after PIRLS 2016
  12. Teachers are divided by values, not just methods
  13. How To Find Out If Your Teacher Is Gay
  14. A blogger all teachers should be following: @greg_ashman
  15. Why all the research on teacher qualifications is worthless
  16. Children are human beings, not labels
  17. Is Growth Mindset the new Brain Gym?
  18. The Obligatory Michaela Post
  19. 3 ways phonics denialists will try to fool you
  20. What happens when schools don’t permanently exclude?

Happy new year.

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