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November 15, 2008

Scene 1: PSHE training

“Okay, now we have finished our icebreakers let’s talk about the next unit in the program. If you look at page 7 of your booklets, you can see where you should be leading your form group. The definition of success that you want them to arrive at after discussion is ‘trying your best to achieve a goal’. Yes, what is it Andrew?”

That’s not a definition of success.


You could try your best at something and not achieve it, I could try all I liked but I’m not going to run a four minute mile, or give birth to twins.

“Well, yes, I see your point, but I think the really important thing to get across here is that if you do try your hardest you have succeeded.”

You’ve succeeded at trying, but you haven’t necessarily succeeded at whatever it is you were trying to do.

“I think you are being a bit too traditional here, Andrew.”

But what if one of my form group points out that this isn’t the definition of success?

“I’m sure they won’t, they are only year 8.”

Scene 2: PSHE Lesson

Okay everyone, that was interesting to hear what you thought about success. Now let me tell you what the book says about success. It says that success is ‘trying your best to achieve a goal’

“Sir, sir”

Yes, Jade?

“That’s not what success is. You could try your best at something and not achieve it.”

Er… yes. Well like I said that is what the book says, we don’t have to agree with the book.

“But it’s stupid. It just isn’t what the word means. You can’t go around just changing what words mean.”

Er … yes, I certainly see your point and have to say I do agree with it. I think perhaps we just need to consider what success means in our own lives.

“Sir, sir”

Yes, Jade?

“Why do we have to discuss our own lives? Isn’t that just interfering in our own personal stuff? Why is my private life any business of anyone else.”

Well, the school is responsible for your emotional well-being, Jade.

“What’s that?”

How you feel. Whether you’re happy.

“But that’s mad. How I feel is my own business and nothing to do with the school.”

Well I see your point. You might want to try getting elected to the school council next year and making that point there to the people who decide what we do in PSHE.

“I’m making this point to you, Sir”

I’m afraid it’s not up to me. I don’t choose to teach PSHE, to be honest I’d much rather be teaching my own subject”.

“You’re good at that, sir. You’re a good teacher. So why do you have to do this PSHE crap? It’s just interfering in our own private business for no reason.”

Jade, I… Oh is that the time? Everybody, pack up quietly and hand your posters in on the way out.

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