Top rated posts in 2020

January 1, 2021

Apologies for my disappearance from blogging the last few months, I’ll try to get back in the habit this year.

The following posts got the most views in 2020. Many of them weren’t actually written in 2020, so do check the date before reading.

  1. The tragedy of grades based on predictions
  2. Behaviour is not all about relationships
  3. Definitions of Progressive and Traditionalist
  4. Another look at exclusions and SEND
  5. A Scottish Teacher writes…
  6. Could Fad CPD Harm Your School?
  7. Good Year Heads
  8. Corporal Punishment
  9. Are campaigners against exclusions willing to tolerate sexual assault in schools?
  10. How To Find Out If Your Teacher Is Gay
  11. Non-Teachers Telling Teachers What to Think
  12. How to Destroy NQTs
  13. Finding or advertising a teaching job on Twitter with #teachingvacancyuk
  14. Teachers on the Edge
  15. Attachment Myths
  16. The Strange and Controversial RSE Guidance Part 2
  17. Isolation Booths
  18. Has there been a behaviour miracle in Scotland?
  19. A Brief History of Education Part 2: The 1944 Education Act
  20. Good culture mitigates bad behaviour, it doesn’t cure it

Happy new year.


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