Have 65% of future jobs not yet been invented? – @BBCMoreOrLess on the BBC World Service

May 28, 2017

I recently featured in an episode of More Or Less on the BBC World Service.

You can find this here.

This is the 3rd time I’ve featured on a BBC radio programme (the other two are here and here).

This interview was about the myth of huge numbers of jobs that haven’t been invented yet. I wrote about this most recently here and this programme supplements that post rather well.

I have to say I was a bit rubbish this time; it turns out it’s a lot harder to talk about something technical in an interview than something more based on opinions. Fortunately, they have edited me into coherence and brought in the far more eloquent Daisy Christodoulou to make it a great programme, that is well worth a listen.

Hopefully the podcast version will be available soon. Update 30/5/2017: The podcast can be found here.



  1. Rather than worry too much about training for jobs that don’t yet exist or cannot be conceived of I think the larger concern is the obsolete advice being peddled in schools nationwide about preparing for the careers that do exist. The issue is about giving them a range of skills to prepare for a variety of roles throughout their career regardless of what challenges the future might throw up. https://edducan.blog/2017/04/26/holy-shit-its-the-terminator-were-all-going-to-diehave-limited-career-options-in-the-future/

  2. Mister Old, thanks once again for your work and dedication towards good sense in education.
    I am from Québec and lately, our education minister came out with that myth. One of my teacher friend answered him (in french)
    Sadly, there is still many people spreading that myth and they have too much presence in the media. Whenever they get challenge, you become their target.
    I’ll keep those wise words from miss Daisy Christodoulou that alphabet and roman numbers are tools that will be use for a longer time than any PC operating system.
    Thanks again for the link.

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  5. Really interesting things to consider here! 65% is a high number for ethereal “future” jobs, and it seems more prudent to focus on what we do know when it comes to education. That being said, its also so important to cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity in students so that, when any “future” jobs do materialize, they can be open to them, and take any transferable skills they have into that field. Thanks for your article, and the links here. Glad to see it was reblogged, too! This is a pertinent topic!

  6. Now that people are getting into AI, they are building such machines that will scrape off almost all technical jobs. Do you think it is safe for mankind?

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