What’s it like for a school to be shamed? Part 3

August 9, 2016

I’ve been writing about what happens when a school is “shamed” in the press and on social media.

In part 1, I wrote about what a school can experience on Twitter.

In part 2, I wrote about the emails a school can get.

This blog deals with messages left on a school’s website after a shaming.

As before I’m not going to name the school (although it won’t take much detective work to figure out which one it is) but the following applies:

  • the original story appeared in the Daily Mail;
  • it was based on the account of one disgruntled family;
  • the school’s side of events, even over matter of facts, was ignored in the story;
  • people sending these messages had apparently never visited the school or heard anything from the school’s side.

Again, these messages have gone straight to admin staff who were not involved in any way with the original story.

Greets from Finland and “congratulations” for creating a social media storm. … You should be ashamed.

The awfulness … is beyond comprehension. Your school leadership should be ashamed of itself. My own view is that the most democratic way of resolving this would be … having the leadership of he school placed on a final warning for potential removal…

Rest assured I wouldn’t dream of sending my kids to your vile school. You should be closed down…

Absolutely disgraceful. You scumbags.

I’m reporting you to the police… you bullies.

Shame on you. … [the headteacher] is an enemy of the poor. [the headteacher] must resign.

…one of the most DISGUSTING and and insensitive things I have EVER heard of. [the deputy headteacher] should be fired IMMEDIATELY for his obvious lack of concern for the well-being of the students at your school… Shame. Shame on you.

You two (you know who you are) need to think about resigning as soon as possible. Neither of you are fit to be in charge of a school or the children therein. What you are doing is absolutely disgusting.

you are a facile disgrace… due to the paucity of your compassion and care.

Dear idiots, Given your torture techniques …, will you consider holding some Gitmo detainees at your school? I’m sure your Thatcher of a matron is well accustomed to numerous torture techniques

what the fuck is wrong with you people? i thought the usa school system was bad, but jesus. i hope your school burns down with only the staff in it.

My 2 cents is you should sack your current ‘deputy head’ and find someone with a nurturing soul, for scum bags like yourself are th every reason this countries upside down. Doesn’t anyone know how to teach anymore? i come from a family of teacher … sort yourselves out. Also reported your school

…You should be ashamed of yourself.

Fucking idiots. … Eat a dick!

…dickhead… like your power do you?

[Deputy head] …Your school really does suck and your ethos too…

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I’m not starting this message with the formal dear sirs or madams because quite frankly your school does not deserve that level of respect. I need to explain something to you all about humanity. … This really is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of in modern education. …Your attitude is vile and repugnant. None of you deserve to even breath the same air as anyone else on this planet let alone be allowed to teach anyone’s children.  It”s nasty, selfish and ridiculous people like you that make me feel embarrassed to tell people here that I am British… Please find an island somewhere else where you can all devise equally stupid and horrible plans for each other. Fuck you.

…Honestly the last time I heard of behaviour like this is when I read Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort was running amok of Hogwart’s.

…You should be ashamed of yourselves. Don’t bother getting in touch with me – though you can if you like. I have plenty of time and would quite happily get into a time-wasting argument so that perhaps you can let the kids get on with being kids and not being belittled by an institution.

I consider your treatment of children … to be an example of child abuse and morally bankrupt. What sort of message does this send to your students? … This at best is similar to the tactics used by the Fascist Government of the Third Rich!

 …It’s bad enough to be bullied by pupils, but to be bullied by the actual school a child attends … is utterly unjust, not to mention cruel. The same applies to punishments for lateness or lack of uniform clothing items, which also may well be due to parents’ problems over which they often have no control. Parents not only have a right but a duty to protect their children from your fascistic rules … I hope you as a school will be ashamed enough that you will change your policies to teach kindness instead.

This is institutionalised bullying… and every person of authority in this school ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. You are bad people.

…iam from scotland but remember facebook is a massive place , … that old cow margaret thatcher took our milk from our kids , i hope she rots in hell , … i will be contacting child services about this , that is child abuse , … hang your head in shame … there will be lost jobs here , … scum teachers

You should be ashamed of yourself. What a shit fucking school. … I am also going to set up an e-petition for the sacking of H. teacher and deputy. Thanks

You are disgusting!!!! Evil, evil people.

Read the news recently? Ha!

You are shameful.

Shame on you and everyone involved in …despicable abuse…

Hello [deputy headteacher], We can see what you are doing at your school. We can see your disgusting abuse of power, … We can see how cold and callous you are …  your probably thinking to yourself that I don’t know how to use paragraphs by now… I do know how to write in paragraphs…. I’m writing this on my phone. … shame on you. I hope you don’t need me to tell you this … I hope the last 48 hours has already presented you with yourself and your actions in a light that gives pause for thought. For reflection. Just remember that we can see you… We are watching. Many thanks, peace and blessings to you and your school.

You should be absofukinlutely ashamed of yourselves … You bunch of Nazis.

You can keep your … second rate education. Pathetic.

…What a backward-looking travesty you people are presiding over. Has your clock gone back a century and beyond to Dickensian times. You people should should hang your heads in shame – pathetic. Don’t worry – I will not be expecting a response from cowards who exploit children.

Where is your compassion and humanity, …Shame on you.

Just wanted to say hi and fuck you to [the deputy headteacher] and whomever else … Hope you starve …you sick piece of shit.

I just want to say your school is absolutely disgusting and pathetic….

I am shocked and disgusted … You should be ashamed of yourself. Anyone who works for this school… well. I hope that justice comes of this and you all loose your jobs. I will do my best to make sure that happens.

I hope that this, along with all the tweets and the emails in the previous posts give some idea of the scale of what can happen if a school is ‘shamed’ in the press. I also found a blog threatening to organise a demonstration outside the school later in the year (i.e. not in the holidays), by people apparently unconcerned that schools have children in.

I’ve framed this so far simply as a call for people to reflect before passing on a “school shaming” story. In my next post I will discuss what we should reflect on.


  1. Terrible abuse. I’m so sorry to read all that.

    I’ve experienced working at a school during a media firestorm. As well as being upsetting, it was interesting to note how gleefully the media beat it all up and how biased and uninformed they were.

    By the way, after my school received so much stick for having high expectations, enrolments shot up.

  2. Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

  3. Just goes to show how important it is to analyse news media carefully and how people can so easily react based on little evidence. Maybe this is a product of a society (or individuals) moving too fast to considder their actions. It is interesting that even bad publicity could be good to raise awareness of issues such as these.

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