What’s it like for a school to be shamed? Part 2

August 8, 2016

Last time I showed what a school that had been “shamed” in the press and on social media could face on Twitter. As unpleasant as it was, and although it effectively silenced debate, it could be avoided by logging out of Twitter.

What follows, however,  can’t be avoided as it was emailed to a school. No school has the option of ignoring all emails, so all of the had to be read. Inevitably, they had to be read first by admin staff who have literally no part in the original story.

As before I’m not going to name the school (although it won’t take much detective work to figure out which one it is) but the following applies:

  • the original story appeared in the Daily Mail;
  • it was based on the account of one disgruntled family;
  • the school’s side of events, even over matter of facts, was ignored in the story;
  • people emailing had apparently never visited the school or heard anything from the school’s side.

Again, I share this only so people, including myself, can consider whether sharing a “shaming” on social media is really worth it. I have edited identifying features out of the emails, including the original controversy, but have not removed anything that would imply that any of the people emailing had any direct connection to the school other than what they’d read in the press or on social media.


I don’t want a reply or an excuse I just want to make you aware of what I read and im absolutly disgusted.

Deputy head …, shame on you! I hope every sandwich, piece of fruit or food stuff that you consume, forever contains some kind of ironic isolated shit incident!

You are a complete twat with no more grasp of your demographic than Captain Scott.

I suggest you:
Wind your neck in.
Get off your high horse.
Extract your head from your arse.
Wipe your mouth.
Get a fucking grip!

You are the absolute worst my income tax pays for. Get out of teaching because all you will do is perpetuate your wankers attitude onto kids that don’t need tgat sort of input.

Dear [Deputy Head]

… you seem to have a lot of power but no compassion … you surely do not have inteeligence, if this is anything to go by. In my opinion you are an insult to education.

Just read the news about your school! Don’t you love social media!!

What nasty teachers you have!! Also read and shared the behaviour policy! Are you running a Nazi camp? Let children learn and have fun!

…Anyway, I’m sure ofsted will be visiting soon, there’s a petition to get some of the senior teachers sacked!!

[Deputy head]:

You are a terrible piece of shit and should never be allowed to be near children…

Go die in a cave.

If this is for real it amounts to child abuse and you should be shamed of yourselves!

…May I suggest you refer to UNICEF 47 articles that protect child from people like you. I will be writing to UNICEF, NUT and will hopefully cause enough strip to protect child from the likes of you.

Consider another career. !!

Dear idiots (yes, you are all complicit, you bastards),

…will you consider holding some Gitmo detainees at your school?

I’m sure your Grand witch of a matron is well accustomed to numerous torture techniques … May I ask if the infamous CIA torture manual makes up a substantial part of your staff handbook? Also, what’s the average IQ of your workforce as I can’t fathom why there has been no internal resistance to your torture techniques?

[The Deputy Head] should consider his position, as should [the headteacher] for her appalling original decision.

I truly hope the public outcry causes your senior staff permanent professional harm.

You bring shame on the concept of education.

Hello non-human being,

…This is truly sick and deviant behaviour…

Your school should be burnt down… with the staff inside.

Just wondering if this school is affiliated with any concentration camps or prisons? Seems like it is.

[Staff need an] exercise in compassion for being disgusting stuck up snobs..

Borderline child abuse…

I am disgusted.


This is outrages

…Is it not the whole point of being a child that it has no care in the world and are supposed to be in a safe place and not in a detention camp at your school.

Dear Fascist Scumbags,

What the flying fuck is wrong with you? … You make Hitler seem like a pretty cool guy by comparison.

I saw a disturbing post about your school … If this is true then your school is vile and I would never send my child to ANY place you own…
All you are teaching is how to abuse a child…

How can you work for these cowardly bullying shits?

You are terrible people

What a disgrace your school is…
…Wtf is wrong with you?

Shame on you!

…How could you be so evil? … You emphasis on discipline. Is this discipline or is it your attempt at making a class system? By the way, your promotional video is great. It covers up your true colours pretty well. … Sort yourselves out. You have absolutely ruined my day.

Dear [Deputy Headteacher],

I am appalled at the stance you are taking with your children.  Have you no compassion …? Perhaps you will experience the heaping on of shame for your actions in the receipt of my email and no doubt many more that will tumble into your inbox.
Shame on you for your abhorrent act which gives good measure of the man you are.

… just wanted to say what an absolute disgrace you are.
Words fail me, education eh ?

I pray with all my heart that the … policy maker gets cancer, sincerely pray for this,

…you are not fit to be caring for other people’s children and should be removed from your job immediately. I will be writing to the school governors and hopefully many others will do too

I have just read on social media about your school … I think this is an absolute scum approach for anyone, especially a so called professional body working with children,

Yours disgusted

To whom can be bothered to read this email

…Since when did deputy heads or heads of school … have the power to carry out what pretty much amounts to the abuse of children …

So where the hell do the repulsive creatures at [the school] get off … you nasty, nasty horrible people!

I sincerely hope the Police take up this issue and investigate [deputy head and headteacher] for what is tantamount to child abuse!

You are clearly not the kind of people who should be put in charge of children or their welfare.

I’ve shared the story about your practices to my social network of 10,000+.

You’re supposed to be preparing children for life after education…

You people are utterly, irredeemably fucked in the head.

I’ve already had responses to my last post accusing me of trying to shut down debate, judging others or of saying that you cannot criticise a school on social media. Also people claiming that, therefore, I should never have criticised anything on social media, even the behaviour of people who abuse others on social media.

Just to be clear, all I am saying is that we should all stop and consider what we are doing, if we criticise a school on social media. And I include myself in this; in the past I’ve shared critical stories that name a school or individual without giving it a second thought. But I would not do that now; I would stop and think through the consequences. I hope to discuss the issue of how we might encourage debate, but discourage hate campaigns, in more detail in a later post.


  1. I agree entirely., Many of these comments are sick beyond belief. Will definitely resolve never to name names.

  2. Well done Andrew. This is so important and so long overdue. I would sincerely offer this acid test to any teacher using social media for any reason whatsoever. If any child you teach used the same words as you, how would you respond?

  3. Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

  4. Is there a behaviour policy for social media? If there is, why aren’t all these people in permanent detention?

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