What’s it like for a school to be shamed? Part 1

August 7, 2016

I’ve written a couple of posts recently about how schools can be “shamed” in the press (usually the Daily Mail) and on social media.

Here, I’m going to show what that is like. I’m not going to name the school (although it won’t take much detective work to figure out which one it is) but the usual patterns apply:

  • the original story appeared in the Daily Mail;
  • it was based on the account of one disgruntled family;
  • the school’s side of events, even over matter of facts, was ignored in the story;
  • people reacting on social media had never visited the school or in most cases heard anything from their side.

If your school is shamed on social media, this is what you can expect sent to the headteacher on Twitter.

What an absolutely vile creature you are.

one nasty piece of work you turned out to be, “lady”. Shame on you.

You’re also vile & not suitable to be … at a children’s school so I hope [you are] maybe 300 [times more likely to be shot dead].

She’s a nasty and vile woman who shouldn’t be anywhere near children!!

I dont think you can even buy compassion for someone like [the headteacher]

What a horrible school and horrible Headteacher…  #ChildAbuse

…an absolute bitch

…she has zero right to be anywhere

…is your name the fuhrer. Seems like your running a nazi regime

[the headteacher] is a typical narcissist. No interest in anyone’s wellbeing but her own. Ignorant, entitled, indulged.

what a creature you are, hope you get the sack fucking moron

fuck off …  you shameful cow

You are a terrible fucking human being, shame on you and your classist bullshit. Resign.

You’re disgusting


You fucking wet lettuce

that[headteacher] bitch is really crazy , i hope this school gets shut down soon

you have a bigotry inappropriate for education,

head lines should be Racist teacher allowed to run school, abuses children

is this not child abuse?

totally pathetic !

you despicable lady You abuse poor children … We should jail you You are a nonce simple as

You failed as a human!

You are a despicable hypocrite,

I shall be among thousands of parents reporting You to Ofsted, expect a visit soon. Your actions are deplorable, a disgrace…

A genuinely poor excuse for a human being..

I grew up on a Salford council estate being patronised & punished by NASTY folk like [the headteacher]

[The school is a]…Victorian workhouse-cum-prison complex w/ more than a hint of techniques & oppression as practised against Aboriginal children in Australia

you are a despicable human being.

I’m pretty sick of living in the same country as likes of [the headteacher]

Pupils should be taught by teachers who care for their wellbeing, not what they earn or popularity.

You’re a disgrace to the profession.

[Deputy head] seems a total c**t

More Miss Trunchbull than respectable teacher.

suck biatch

oh dear. Looks like you should keep your elitist mouth closed. Still, good to identify the cunts in this world. Well done

what a hideous school

What training does this woman actually have as an educator?

You are clearly unqualified to be in education. All lives should matter – point is, black lives in US do not matter right now.

This woman is vile, she runs a school to take her sick fantasies out on children.

You should be stuffed in a oven…. then fed to hungry children.

Bloody lying cunt!

Really nasty bullying of the very worst kind and abuse of power.

[the headteacher] appears to believe that Oliver Twist was a guide on how to run a school

Cruelty promulgated in the name of discipline

it’s hard to believe anyone could be so cruel

what an absolute bunch of heartless cunts

anyone who degrades children in that manner should be absolutely nowhere fucking near them.

[the headteacher] is a piece of work.

You disgust me

[the headteacher] has no place anywhere near childhood education! Disgusting!

she should be banned from teaching, that’s child cruelty

absolutely horrendous to abuse the child like that.

Disgraceful. [the headteacher] should not be allowed near children.

These bullies make the children they have a duty of care over just role play [Charles Dickens]

christ, imagine hating children as much as [the headteacher] does, then imagine actually wanting to go into education with that attitude

Who is her role model? Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS?

I’m pretty sure it ammounts to child abuse

you belong in prison

they’ll be asking the kids to wear a triangle next to further stigmatise them

u r exceeding ur remit madam ,really WTF do u think u are ?

I am interested in what makes you qualified to run a school ? … As you seem to lack the basic qualification, Humanity !

It’s supposed to be place of learning not a f*cking gulag.

What a horrible place your school must be


[the school] Is an example of everything thats wrong with education in the UK … The head is a prejudiced bully destroying kids lives

Hello … You fucking disgust me. … Resign.

I think your behaviour toward the children in your care is despicable.

I actually want to go see her face to face I’m so angry about the treatment of these innocent children its upset me

heartless horrible cow

what an absolute bitch of a woman

stupid cow should be sacked

This is the worst of what I saw tweeted at the school’s headteacher. However, it does not include what was tweeted at other members of staff or at the school Twitter account. There are also lots of other tweets, some simply pointing out to others the Twitter accounts of individuals they can join in with attacking. It gets far worse if you search for names rather than Twitter accounts (I saw one wishing the headteacher “die a slow painful death”). I also missed out some of the more incomprehensible insults, like one suggesting the headteacher, who isn’t white, was a white supremacist or ones claiming the deputy head denies climate change is happening.

I show you this, just to get some of idea of what might happen if you help spread a news story criticising a school. Even if you just intend to debate, or you are convinced the criticism is legitimate, you are helping to subject people to this sort of treatment. You are also ensuring that if you did have some sensible criticism to make of the school, there is no chance it would get through to anybody at the school. And if you do decide to make accusations about a school while this is going on, then you should be aware that nobody will be in a position to answer them, like in all good witch hunts.

Next time I hope to discuss the sort of emails a school gets after being publicly shamed.


  1. I would like to take your remarks on board and engage in reasonable discussion, except that, when I did not agree with you and the people you support, you blocked me. On a whim.

    • I don’t block anyone on a whim. It only happens because of insults, or behaviour that disrupts debate (like cheerleading).

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