Is Inclusion Working? | Debate from #educationfest

June 25, 2016

I took part in a discussion on inclusion on Friday.

I think what I most noticed was how little disagreement there was. 10 years ago this was probably the hottest issue in education and the types of views I’m expressing would have been seen as outrageous and I would have been told I needed to be sacked or retrained. Amazing to see how things have moved on.


  1. Thank you for agreeing to be on the panel, Andrew. Like I said at the beginning, what unites us is the desire to do our best for all of our young people.

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  3. Inclusion involves a recognition that the children coming under this banner require intensive individual attention, and understanding. They have less capacity to survive broad brush, one size fits all approaches to education.

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  5. Finally I see the man behind the writing :)

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