Top Rated Posts in 2015

January 1, 2016

The following posts got the most views in 2015. A lot of them weren’t actually written in 2015.

  1. The Darkest Term: Teacher Stress and Depression
  2. How to Destroy NQTs
  3. What OFSTED Actually Want
  4. A Myth for Teachers: Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet
  5. Good Year Heads
  6. It Seems I Won’t Be Joining The College Of Teaching
  7. Nobody Believes in Learning Styles Any More, Do They?
  8. A Guide To Scenes From The Battleground
  9. The arguments against the phonics screening check have been discredited
  10. The College Of Not-Actually-Teaching
  11. Is this the most clueless OFSTED report ever written?
  12. What OFSTED Say They Want
  13. Is Phonics Being Implemented Correctly?
  14. More OFSTED Good Practice that isn’t
  15. The Return Of The Most Annoying Question In Education
  16. A Very Short Summary of the Phonics Debate
  17. There’s One Thing Worse Than Green Pens
  18. Enough With The Green Pens!
  19. Never Forget: Learning Styles are Complete Arse
  20. Does teaching philosophy to children improve their reading, writing and mathematics achievement?

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