The Mixed Ability Debate

December 5, 2015

My debate from the event a couple of weeks ago at Michaela School is now up.

The posts I wrote about it can be found here and here.


  1. It depends on the size of the class, the learning challenges of the children concerned and the number of children with challenges and the severity of those challenges.

    What if there were there fewer than 20 children, one non verbal severely autistic child, one child with profound mobility issues, one gifted and talented, one with intermittent hearing difficulties, possibly a couple with add/adhd-like issues , oh and predominantly summer born children all under the age of 7… That’s without factoring in regular day-to-day issues and other children whose needs have not yet been given a name ? This was extreme admittedly but it has been a scenario with which I am familiar. There are only so many challenges one can accommodate without all of the learning being individualised…and believe you me, the stresses that this scenario caused were difficult for the staff concerned, which in turn must have caused more stress for the children in the classroom.

    Mixed ability can work, but not always … And it’s the ‘not always’ times which are going to define mixed ability success.

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