Please Help With The UK Education Blogs Spreadsheet Version 12

August 12, 2015

The Echo Chamber

Before I start, let me just add that this has only been possible because of the help of @A_Weatherall whose coding skills have helped collect a lot of the necessary information.

The latest version of the spreadsheet of bloggers can now be found here.

Because of all the new blogs that have been found, there is an even greater need for work on filling in the spreadsheet. So can you please, please try to do as many of the following as possible:

  1. If you are a blogger, make sure your own details are on the spreadsheet and are up to date. (Once you have done so, put the date in the final column).
  2. Share this post (i.e. the one you are currently reading) on social media, particularly by reblogging and tweeting.
  3. Find some time to go onto the spreadsheet and look up some blogs where there are spaces…

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  1. […] UK. There is a proviso: – in order for posts to get reblogged: your details must be on the latest version of THE spreadsheet kept over on Scenes from the […]

  2. […] http address of every Edu-blogger out there.  My source was the list in a spreadsheet provided by Andrew Old .  How complete it is depends on a) whether you’ve heard of Andrew, or b) whether […]

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