Top Blogs of the Week : Academies Week (October 2014)

October 10, 2014

Academies Week have published my review of the best blogs of the week.

Character, Resilience and Grit by @thegoldencalfre

An RE blogger turns his attention to the recent fashion, endorsed by Nicky Morgan and Tristram Hunt, of directly attempting to teach character in schools. He argues that: “Whilst character development within schools is unquestionably important, Morgan’s belief that the government can encourage it to happen meaningfully is not only optimistic, but also requires her to navigate dangerous obstacles.”

Continued in Top Blogs of the Week : Week commencing 6 October, 2014

One comment

  1. Determination is important but more important is the motivation that results in determination. What seeds motivation in different individuals? Crack that and you will massively change attainment.

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