An Andrew Old Round Up

May 13, 2014

Apologies for the lack of blogposts recently. This has, in part, been down to a fair number of other activities and opportunities that have come up since I ceased to be anonymous (none of them in any way likely to make me any money). I’ll take this opportunity to advertise some of the things I have done/will be doing.

  1. I know this isn’t new, and my contribution is available online here, but I have written the foreword for Progressively Worse by Robert Peal.
  2. I wrote an article about Improving Teacher Quality for the Fabian Society website.
  3. My views on Performance Related Pay can be found in the online version of the Guardian today (but not the print edition) here.
  4. I will be speaking on “The Teacher As Expert” at a Teach Meet in Stafford on the 9th June. Details here (there’s still a small number of speaking slots available).
  5. I am on a panel at the La Salle Education maths conference (for both primary and secondary teachers) on the 14th June. Still a handful of free tickets available here.
  6. I should be speaking, on another panel, at the Wellington Festival of Education on the 20th June.
  7. I have written a contribution for Don’t Change the Light Bulbs, edited by Rachel Jones, which should be out in September and is available for pre-order now.
  8. I should be doing a talk on “How to have a rational argument about education” at ResearchED 2014 in London on the 6th September. Tickets and details available here.

As for future projects, well … if you need a maths teacher (preferably part-time) for September, for  a school in the West Midlands, please let me know.


  1. Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

  2. Hi Andrew I hope you old school did not push you out of a job?

  3. Dear Andrew,

    I know you wrote this post a while ago (just picked up your tweet about it today) but if you are still looking for some part-time Maths work, I was just wondering whether you had ever thought about tutoring?

    We have many impeccably behaved students looking for Maths tutoring, much of which is online to Hong Kong and so easy to fit around your other commitments.

    Let me know if it is at all of interest, now or in the future,

    Warm regards,

    Will Orr-Ewing
    Founder, Keystone Tutors (www.keystonetutors.com)

    PS Enjoyed your interview with OFSTED this Saturday.

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