A List of Blogs by the People I Met Up With Yesterday

February 22, 2014

The Echo Chamber

A few weeks ago I was passing through London (after attending the Teach Meet at BETT) and asked, via Twitter, if any other education bloggers were around to socialise. In the end, it was only Tim Worrall who was around and free, so we settled for having a couple of drinks but decided to try organising something a bit more planned in the holidays. The plan was to ask a few of our favourite bloggers, particularly those we knew to be in or near London, if they could come for drinks and/or a curry. It was neither advertised on Twitter, nor intended to be any more than a gathering of friends, but it quickly became clear that the response was going to be overwhelming. Limited numbers meant it became very ad hoc with many people only being invited as a place became free. Because of how it was organised, there…

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