What the Echo Chamber is and isn’t

September 28, 2013

The Echo Chamber

Much of this is already covered by the “About” page but, given the strange bursts of debate that happen on Twitter about this, I thought I’d spell out what the Echo Chamber is for and how it works.

The name The Echo Chamber was chosen deliberately. It was a response to two things:

  1. Education debate in the media which only covered a narrow range of views and, in particular, presented teachers as only having a narrow range of views.
  2. The danger that those of us who stood outside of those views, no matter how prominent in the blogosphere, were only heard by each other.

I had talked in my blog on The Education Spectrum last year about how education debate which could take place in at least two dimensions, was often reduced to a single left-right spectrum shown on the red line in the diagram below:

The idea of the Echo…

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