About The Echo Chamber

May 25, 2013

The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber grew out of a realisation that there were a good number of teacher bloggers who were blogging to express opinions that simply didn’t fit in with the opinions  the media attributed to teachers but did seem to fit in with those views I heard regularly in the staffroom from classroom teachers. I, personally, was expressing the opinion that discipline is too often weak in our schools, that exams were too easy and fashionable teaching methods were actually ineffective, but when I looked to see who was expressing those views in the media, it was usually those outside of the teaching professions such as journalists and politicians. These people would raise them and somebody claiming to speak for teachers would deny they existed. Other issues such as school management, school ethos, cheating in exams were very difficult for teachers to talk about publicly. Often issues that teachers cared…

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  1. I find it extraordinary that education pages of Guardian, Independent so rarely engage with what is happening within schools. Guardian Education, in particular, has been woefully lacking for decades. It seems that advertising revenue from DfE is more important than engaging in analysis.

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