7 kids in 7 days: Arianne

May 16, 2013

This is all too familiar and could have been written at any time since “inclusion” became the slogan for tolerating the intolerable.

red or green pen?

Arianne has 800 negative behaviour points logged this year. Given the average incident garners 2 points, that’s 400 incidents of poor behaviour since September.

But this is hardly a fair representation of the havoc she causes. Scroll through a standard student’s file, and they’ll have a handful of points for missed detentions and forgotten homeworks. There are no such points for Arianne. Does she not get set homework? Does she never get detentions? Course not. Teachers just realise they have to focus on frying the big fish or they’d be on the laptop all day talking about her.

In my first week, Arianne called me a “fucking tranny”. A few weeks later, she deliberately snapped every single ruler, protractor and pencil stored at the front of the classroom for later use in that lesson, because I’d made her angry by putting her name on the board for talking over me…

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