Why is it that students always seem to understand, but then never remember?

May 7, 2013

This is worth thinking about because a lot of dumbing down is done in the name of “understanding”.

...to the real.


I’ve had a week to think about what direction I’d like to take with this blog, and what questions or issues it should take on.  Do I focus just on mathematics?  Do I look at systemic issues?  Do I dig into the theories of learning?  Over the week I’ve lined up maybe seven or eight specific things already that I’d like to talk about, and in general they’re fitting into around three categories:

1)      General pedagogy

2)      Specific to maths

3)      Maths focus, but with a point or conclusion that could be relevant to other subjects (keep an eye out for something involving Diophantine equations and relativistic quantum mechanics in the weeks to come…)

In some cases there are ideas or knowledge that I’ve found useful, and so would like to share.  In other cases it’s more about provoking questions and discussion.  Since the first post was fairly general…

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