Michael Gove’s Favourite Bloggers (or why my credibility is now shot)

April 25, 2013

I have to mention this. From a speech Michael Gove gave today to… I think it was some SMT types.

And just as the impact of great teaching is becoming more visible so the voices of great teachers are becoming more audible in the education debate.

Voices across the political spectrum are talking honestly about the profession’s strengths and weaknesses; successes, failures and priorities for the future.

I’m a great fan of Andrew Old, whose brilliant blog Scenes from the Battleground provides one of the most insightful commentaries on the current and future curriculum that I’ve ever read; but I’m also an admirer of John Blake of Labour Teachers, who has transcended party politics to praise all schools which succeed for their pupils, even if they are academies or free schools…

I also hugely enjoy the always provocative work of Tom Bennett, the Behaviour Guru, who champions teachers at every turn while challenging them to up their game. And one of the brightest young voices in the education debate is the Birmingham teacher Matthew Hunter, whose work online and in Standpoint magazine reinforces my view that those who are have entered the profession in the last few years – and are entering now – are hugely ambitious for the children in their care.

Well there you go, the rumours are true. The secretary of state for education reads this crap and has told everyone about it despite the fact my last blogpost was an attack on one of his policies which was cross-posted to Labour Teachers.

I wonder if any politician from the party I’ve been an active member of for the last twenty years will notice me now? Seems unlikely, given that  my main belief (that kids should be made to learn lots of stuff even if they don’t want to)  seems to be the one area where arch-Blairite Labour frontbenchers are currently finding common cause with the Socialist Workers Party.

Oh well.

P.S. Vote Labour.


  1. Politicians all like reading private eye too. It brings to mind i line from a fish called wanda
    Otto: Apes don’t read philosophy.
    Wanda: Yes they do, Otto, they just don’t understand it.
    It is fine reading something but if it has no effect on your actions or views, other than selecting the bits you like then??
    Would be interested to know how he knows you are a great teacher, perhaps he has seen your ofsted observations!

  2. Why, why, why – twas ever the same. 30 years of reading Guardian Education – barely anything about the aspirations of those on FSM. Hardly anything about aspiration, possibilities, knowledge-based learning. Look how much attention they pay to anyone who knocks evidence-based instruction.

  3. Kim Jung-Il loved Hollywood movies. Does that makes then *all* bad?

  4. Vote Labour? Vote for ignorance. No thanks.

  5. Andrew – my advice to you would be, if he is smiling at you and shaking your hand, keep an eye on his other hand …

    Strange that on the one hand he should laud what you write, and then on the other act so conspicuously at variance to it!

    I’m not so sure it’s *your* credibility that is shot ;-)

    • On the contrary, the only major point on which they disagree is PRP. Gove is, on most issues, Andrew Old in human form.

      If I were Andrew, I’d forget tribalism and the politics of habit, and start urging people to vote Tory, to prevent Gove’s curriculum and behaviour reforms being comprehensively junked and education being run by Baroness Millar and the Rt. Hon. Francis Gilbert.

  6. […] wonder if the same is true for policy change? We know that Michael Gove reads some education blogs, though he seems to be selective in his choices. The Headteachers’ Roundtable is a unit […]

  7. […] mutual. After being namechecked in an earlier Gove speech, “Old” – a pseudonym – wrote that his “credibility is now shot” and of having been an active Labour member for 20 […]

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