“Shelby doesn’t do Supply”

April 24, 2013

This is the reality of “inclusion” in all its glory.

The Modern Miss

Today I met Shelby.

If you’ve ever been to the school I was at, I’m sure you’ll have met Shelby too. In fact, I imagine every teacher within a ten-mile radius has met Shelby.

Supply work is always thin on the ground the first few weeks of a new term, so when my agency asked me to travel nearly twice my usual maximum distance, I really had little choice – that, or no work.

I arrived at school to be greeted with an ominous warning, “You’re in room C3 all day. That means you’ve got Shelby for a triple period.” As it turned out, I didn’t, but that was down to Shelby, not the timetable.

The first two lessons were fine, the children were generally well behaved and they completed the set work. I began to think that the day was going to be a good one, one where I…

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One comment

  1. I sit reading this in a tiny Japanese village. My wife and family are back in Australia. I miss them but not Australian schools which have the same problems and the same Shelbys. Can I go home and teach again one day? I think not. I’m here being very poorly paid (no, teaching in Japan is’t the gravy train. That ended in the 90’s) but teaching relatively well behaved students or at least assisting Japanese teachers of English to do so. I’m really more of a wind up toy than a teacher but for now, I’ll take it over the vile injustice both to me and good students that you so well describe. And those of you who would blame me for this save your breath. I’m at least a competent teacher and have been described as a good one. It made little difference with Shelby in charge and to a greater or lesser extent, she is throughout the Western world. Leave the teaching profession? And do what? Tried it. Worked too hard to deliver pizzas again. I deserve better. The Western World deserves its decline. It is self inflicted.

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