Win a Holiday of a Lifetime – Apply by preventing your classmates from learning

December 23, 2012

Every so often people doubt me. It cannot possibly be true that children are told that their behaviour is a result of emotional problems beyond their control. It cannot possibly be true that children who bully their peers, antagonise their teachers and steal education from their classmates could ever be rewarded. Nobody would actually want to publicly reward bad behaviour of the kind that prevents so many kids from deprived backgrounds from having a decent education.

I really wish I was making it up.

While watching the clip, try imagining what it must be like to see this if you are a well-behaved student trying to learn, and these are the kids who have been deliberately stealing your education from you.



  1. I did wonder one thing – is there a possibility that the pupils could have raised the money for the trip (this happens in my son’s school) ?

    The tv clip doesn’t mention it, can’t find anything on the school site.

    If they have i wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  2. I’m not sure we know enough about the context to pass judgment on this. As a general point, you can obviously work postively with disruptive pupils but Inagree they should not receive special rewards.

    • What context would justify telling a badly behaved child they are not responsible for their actions and then sending them on holiday?

      • I emphasise the choice my students have about their behaviour and always make it clear what their choices will lead to, positive and negative.

  3. This shows everything wrong with education. The head is basically saying “good kids work you’re asses off to get good grades to fight tooth and nail to get a decent job to one day maybe afford an experience like this” vs “bad kids behave like you always have and we will do this for you for free with NO REQUIRMENT FOR BETTER BEHAVIOUR from you”

  4. I share your thoughts in the abstract but wonder if the example is misleading. It seems Springfields is a specialist SEN school which particularly admits statemented children and is part-boarding. It is therefore not comparable to an average comprehensive selecting its notable toerags and coddling them along on a trip (which goodness knows does happen). Instead it seems trips of this nature are part of the whole school experience and any group they selected would include such pupils. Of course there may still be objections to that, but of a different sort, and more geared at the way academies enjoy such funding bonanzas even during a time of cuts. And Springfields like Mossbourne certainly knows how to be media-friendly and use profile to boost its cash flow. Was this researched at all? I found this out by Googling “Springfields Academy Tanzania”

    • I take your point, but they decided to promote themselves on the basis of students being troubled, not having SEN, and they put a child who had apparently been removed from mainstream schools for behaviour on TV where his former victims could have been watching. I accept the same practice could seem far more acceptable if presented differently, as being for students with SEN, not for the badly behaved but this is what they have chosen to go with.

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