More Pedagogical Resources

April 25, 2012

A couple of people have reacted to my last blogpost with further suggestions. On Twitter, @davidwebster sent me a link to the following graphic used by some part of the Scottish government:

An antipodean reader of the blog familiar with this project on pedagogy for aboriginals found the following helpful diagram of the “Boomerang Matrix of Cultural Interface Knowledge”:



  1. How is it that I can read Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, or get to grips with calculus, but this stuff makes my brain hurt?

  2. I think that students might choose hard work as opposed to a lecture explaining the significance etc of such works of art. I’m almost tempted to try it. But then, there’s the trauma I’d suffer delivering such a lecture to consider. Risk/Reward, hmmm….

  3. Just read the piece about William Tyndale school from your twitter feed. Brilliantly expressed. Made me want to cry it’s been going on so long, so many lives wrecked by the holier than thou.

    • This one?

  4. These are AMAZING.

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