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April 21, 2012

Just in case you missed discussion of this on Twitter, here’s a useful and enlightening diagram of the “Project Learning Bicycle” from this wikipedia page based on this book  (used without permission of the authors):

Just in case you are under the impression that such diagrammatical excellence is rare, then let me introduce you to another teaching tool. From this document, I present to you (again without the permission of the authors) the Assessment Archipelego:


  1. I notice the teacher does all the pedalling. Also, the wheels turn the wrong way, unless the bike is going backwards. Actually, maybe the metaphor is quite appropriate after all.

  2. Im working on a ‘male cow pat of learning’. i beleive it to be superior to the 2 offerings from OA.

  3. we were shown the assessment archipelago on a training day. completely forgot about it. i dont know anything about the twittery world, or the context of this post, i just remember much hilarity when presented with this sheet.

  4. Awesome. I despair.

    I expect some members of SMTs are spending their sunday morning creating power points to introduce this latest non-evidence based pile of shite to an overworked workforce after school tomorrow evening. Very grateful it’s not going to be me. Just when did such anti-intellectual, anti-scientific idiots start getting the upper hand in our schools?

    Reminds me of the great Chris Morris: That’s a scientific fact. There’s no evidence for it, but it is scientific fact.

    • Or Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw: That’s not just idle fact, that’s cold hard speculation.

  5. I just watched Idiocracy (the movie). I’m having one of those evenings. Oh dear, what will tomorrow bring. Is this a premonition?

  6. Beggars belief but symptomatic of an interesting issue. This is what happens when people working in education come into contact with businesses and easy-to-use software, but only half grasp the comms and marketing techniques businesses actually use. I’ve seen it many times! ( As a cyclist and ex teacher… I cannot tell you what I think of the first!)

  7. W.

  8. Some of this sounds great, I’d love to spend my summer in Positive Feedback Bay, and go for the occasional night out in Improvement City. But if any of this is actually taken seriously then the education system is up Target getting creek without a paddle…

  9. Andrew,
    I’ve just realised I shared an expert panel platform with Charles Fardel, the co-author of the first book, at a Cisco Live event. Charles certainly didn’t strike me as someone who would put his name to the cycle!

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