Top Posts Of 2011

January 1, 2012

In case you are interested, these have been the twenty most viewed posts in the last year (although some of them were actually written earlier). This doesn’t actually mean they were the best, some of them just come up a lot on popular searches like “should I quit teaching?”.

1) A Guide To Scenes From The Battleground
2) The Top Five Lies About Behaviour
3) 10 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Tidy my House
4) The Porpoise of Education
5) More Myths for Teachers
6) Why it is Annoying to Discuss Teaching Methods
7) The Job that Never Ends
8) You Know it’s Time to Quit Teaching When…
9) Never Forget: Learning Styles are Complete Arse
10) RELOADED: How To Find Out If Your Teacher Is Gay
11) The Denial Twist
12) Mixed Ability Teaching Doesn’t Exist
13) The Aim of Education
14) Thinking Skills
15) The Three Main Debating Strategies of Behaviour Crisis Denialists
16) RELOADED: A Brief History of Education Part 2. The 1944 Education Act
17) Bad Ideas About the Aim of Education #2: Improving Emotional Well-Being
18) These Riots Prove Whatever the Hell it was I was Already Saying
19) Failing The Most Vulnerable
20) Creativity


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