Let’s Twist Again…

June 22, 2011

I have commented previously on Francis Gilbert’s capacity to change his mind, but even I was shocked at the speed of his latest sprint down the road to Damascus.

About a week ago the Anti-Academies Alliance (slogan: “no more academies”) uploaded this video of Francis Gilbert’s speech to their recent conference:

I draw your attention to this part of Francis’ speech:

… for me the Anti-Academies Alliance message is a hugely positive one that we as a whole nation have to believe in…

Two days ago The Local Schools Network published this from Francis. Some of my favourite bits appear below:

…I have decided to support the bid of my local secondary school, Bethnal Green Technology College (BGTC), to go for Academy status, where my son will go in September…

…There are actually advantages for everyone if BGTC becomes an Academy. Firstly, the greater independence will help it improve because it will be able to involve universities, charities and other organisations in assisting it help children learn to the best of their abilities. Secondly, it will be able to more readily share its expertise and facilities around the whole borough because it will be freer to do so. The school received £13.5m in Building Schools for the Future funding recently; possibly as an Academy it will be able to open its doors longer so that the whole community can benefit from its great facilities…

…other schools can see what Academy status looks like when it’s adopted by a principled, caring, sharing school. It may be that all schools will be forced to become academies soon – this seems quite likely — and it’s surely going to be advantageous in the borough if there’s a school that knows what’s involved.


One comment

  1. Am I reading this right ? Is this the appalling hypocrisy it looks like it is ?

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