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June 1, 2008

A couple of friends have drawn my attention to these discussions, and yes I couldn’t avoid getting involved:

Schools today, good kid, bad kid

How does he know?

The first link is probably best described as a site for liberal Christians. The second is a political blog by a prominent Hackney councillor.



  1. Hello,

    I have followed with interest the thread on Ship of fools (the liberal christian site).
    I would encourage everyone who follows and agrees with OA’s argument to pop over and give him some support. He currently seems to be debating with what can best be described as a delusional clique (the contributers and the board moderators).
    The behaviour of some clique members is frankly appalling, particularly their objections at having to wait in line while OA responds in order to the points made to him. Worse is that these people accuse OA of being out of order and the mods appear to agree! Even worse one of the clique calling OA a ‘c***’ because he disagrees with them is subject to no censure from the mods at all.

    I would of course post this on the Ship of fools myself but have yet to recieve an e mail from them (I’ve asked twice) confirming my membership. I begin to wonder whether my profession has something to do with it.

  2. Well I’m trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. There is a “private board” on there run by one of the people who seem keen to get at me and so I think this gives me a ready made faction to have offended. However, only a couple of hosts have become involved so I would hope that the other hosts would be able to deal with matters fairly.

    With regard to membership, I think they are generally slow to confirm.

  3. Okay, now struggling with the “benefit of the doubt” thing:


  4. Jim, any developments on the membership front?

  5. oa:
    I’m busting to ask if B62 is a poster on Josephine’s private board, but I’d never get an answer. I had a couple of PMs from people supporting my stance from an anti-J perspective. I’m deriving considerable amusement from watching her lurking on Styx but not contributing at all. Attention-whore.
    Jim Cuthbert:
    I think the honour of being called a c*** by the husband of Saint J goes to me, actually, not oa.

  6. Hello,

    Sparrow, I presume you must be one of the few posters on Ship of fools that has objected to some of Saint J and companies behaviour!

    OA, no news at all! Either they are ignoring me or my e mail provider is losing the messages in the spam filter. Probably the latter.



  7. Hmmmm.

    The face of that debate seems to have changed significantly now the Powers That Be on the site have got their act together. Amazing how few arguments are left when personal attacks are prohibited.

  8. I noticed the change as well, not exactly subtle was it!

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