Doctor What?

March 8, 2008

“Okay, year 11, can you turn to page 315 in the textbook, please?”

“What page?”

“Page 315. It’s written on the board.”

“What page?”

“315. It’s on the board.”

“What page?”

“Look at the board. It’s page 315. It’s easy to find, it has a picture of a Dalek on it.”



“A picture of a Dalek”


“Say that again.”


“What’s a Dalek?”

“You know, from Doctor Who. You must have all heard of Daleks”.

“Don’t watch it.”

“They’re quite famous. You should have heard of them, they are a great bit of British culture.”

“Never heard of them. Don’t watch it.”

“You’ll be telling me you haven’t heard of the Tardis next”.

“What? What’s a Fardis?”

“Tardis. The blue telephone box which he travels through time in. It’s very well known”


”Did you hear what Sir said? He said Doctor Who travels through time in a telephone box.”

“Doctor Who is sad”

“I guess you are just the generation that weren’t the right age to watch it. I grew up with Daleks.”

“I’ve seen them on TV, they didn’t look like that, They were bigger”.

“The book was probably printed from before the new series so it’s probably an old version of a Dalek. They’ve been around for many, many years. They first appeared in 1963.”

“Oh my God did you see it then?”

“I’m not that old.”

“Yes, you are.”

“If you didn’t see it how do you know that?”

“I read it in a book.”

“Oh my God! You read books. Sir reads books.”


“Books are sad.”

“Okay, I think we should get on with the work.”

“What page is it?”

“Page 315. It’s on the board.”

“Is it this?”


“What page is it?”





  1. My bright thirteen-year-old pupils think that “Doctor Who” is “cool”. :)

  2. Excellent, OldAndrew! Thanks for the comment on GoT, too! I’m gonna keep my eye on this blog!

  3. Uncivilised little sh*ts. What the hell do they know about quality British TV and our national treasures? They think they live in South Central LA.

  4. .._n_


    Oh, if only…

    The sad thing is that this is pretty accurate. I think kids today live in some sort of bubble that precludes their being aware of anything beyond the end of their noses.

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