RELOADED: More from the Behaviour Management Database

February 22, 2008

This is a rewritten version of an entry that has appeared previously but is no longer available. Apologies if you have read it before.

I described in a previous entry the Behaviour Management Database at Stafford Grove School and how there were students with many incidents of poor behaviour still in school. The following are the reported incidents from many different teachers for just one child:

  • Kieran was calling out and generally off task. When removed from the room he was making faces through the door window and even returned to the classroom to hide under one of the desks.
  • Kieran ran past the maths office and yelled “Mr Adams is gay” into the office as he went.
  • Kieran persistently ignored instructions in the lesson, which lead to a detention after school. During the detention he refused to listen to me, the Head of Department or The Assistant Head. In the end he left the room without permission.
  • Kieran walked into me as I stood in the doorway then said “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I’ll fucking knock you down”. He then shoved past both me and the Head of Department before running away.
  • During a gym lesson, Kieran had made an unpleasant comment to another boy about his mum starting a fight, I then went over to see what was happening and I had to hold Kieran back.
  • Kieran sat in the wrong place and refused to move even for the Head of Department
  • He kept on chatting, and turning around and interrupting me while I was teaching. He totally ignored my instructions, was asked to move but still kept on chatting and shouting out. He was then asked to stand outside the classroom, which he refused to do at first. By the end of the lesson, he was being mean to a pupil, and pushed his desk against another boy.
  • Kieran today entered the wrong classroom and refused to leave. Then he walked into the cupboard, stole textbooks, and was generally very disruptive. I left him with the Deputy Head, but when she was dealing with something else he lay in the hall punching the wall calling things “fucking gay.”
  • Kieran was continually interrupting the class and being argumentative, referring to me as “Bill” when I asked him to stop. When I did not give him good marks on his report and explained the reasons why he shouted that I was gay as he left the room.
  • Kieran threw a bag at Manny. I asked him to leave the room and as he did so pulled other student’s coats off of the pegs. He was then abusive to me. He sat on the floor and when asked by other staff to stand up refused to do so.
  • He started to make inappropriate comments and was removed him from the lesson. At the end of the day he came back to the room and was abusive both to myself and his tutor.
  • He started to spray water around the room out of a tap. He was asked to stop doing this but refused. He was asked to go outside the door. He then wandered off.
  • He took Abdul’s glasses and began imitating him, he continued with similar disruptive behaviour, eventually leaping across the table to grab Manny and trying to strangle him.
  • Kieran began to try and spray another pupil using the tap. I asked him to stop. As soon as I started talking to the class he began trying to spray water again. I told him to leave, which he did but carried on wandering off down the corridor.
  • He shouted at me and told me that he didn’t care what I said I removed him at this point. When I went to speak to him I was reasonable but he was rude and arrogant frequently saying that he didn’t like me or maths any more and that he was going to move to another school anyway so it didn’t matter what he did here as he would behave there with his friends. I calmed him down and let him back in and he was okay for a bit but then kicked off again when Miss Dish came in accused me of “liking her”. He was so rude when I spoke to him again in response to me stating that he was normally good for me and what had changed that I had to remove him again to talk to the class. The class appear to be getting sick of Kieran because they want to learn and have a good relationship with me.
  • Kieran tried to start a fight with Mark. – he flicked his work and then grabbed Mark’s tie and started pulling on it.
  • Kieran refused to comply with any instructions during the lesson today. He was aggressive and antagonistic towards me, continually shouting abusive comments across the room at me and at other students. He ended the lesson by shouting “penis” and refusing to remain at the end before returning to the room repeatedly because his friend had been kept in.
  • Kieran did not bring his P.E. kit for the second week running, and he was lent kit. Also on several occasions during the lesson he was rude when speaking to me.
  • In my maths lesson Kieran became abusive when I asked him to stop and listen. He left the lesson and proceeded to strangle himself with a piece of string. He had done this at the start saying he was trying to break a world record! I told him to stop and he did on this occasion. I went out to speak to him and he would not listen and went in to the toilet. He tied himself to a pipe and refused to come out. I sent Jordan in to speak to him. Kieran listened to Jordan and came in but was disinterested and did not take part in the lesson. At the end of the lesson he was fine with me but then climbed out of the window when dismissed.
  • Kieran during this lesson displayed extreme behaviour
    1. Hiding in the cupboard
    2. Refusing to work
    3. Eating take away chicken
    4. Shouting “you gay batty hole” out of the window and at other pupils (who were calmly working)
    5. Leaving the lesson without permission to punch Guraj
    6. Unrolling posters
    7. Not letting me back into the room when I went to check on the class next door.

    There was no provocation for this behaviour, everybody else was calm and working.

  • As we were coming in from the fire drill I saw Kieran kick another boy. I asked him to stop but he walked past me. I called after him but he kept walking. I followed him, touched him on the shoulder to get his attention as he was still not responding to me and he said “Don’t you fucking touch me”. I was startled by this response but he said he often swore at teachers. I told him I only wanted him to come in quietly and not cause any further fuss after we had all been outside. There had been some incident over a pen apparently which led him to kick this other student. He said ‘Alright I won’t kick him, next time I’ll punch him in the head.’
  • Kieran arrived at registration tonight at 3.25, just in time to receive detention slips from other members of staff. He screwed these up and threw them at me. I then escorted him to his detention. On the way over he jumped up and hit me on the back of the head.
  • He proceeded to be abusive and swear at me – he told me that he “didn’t give a crap”, “I don’t care”, “I’m going to get you”, “fuck off” squared up to me and swore in my face. He was told to leave and did so briefly, only to return and disrupt my after school lesson three times. On the third occasion I asked him to either leave or I would have to make a ‘phone call and have him escorted off-site. I explained that he was making the situation worse and tried to calm him down, he then told me to “fuck off” a further four times, at which point the Assistant Head arrived and assisted in removing him form the corridor. He then went outside and started banging on the windows of my classroom.
  • Kieran was continually interrupting the lesson, he kept lying down on the floor and crawling around on the floor under the desks despite being asked not to and agreeing to behave appropriately. A written note was passed to him by another student, when I asked for it he ate it.
  • Kieran made verbal threats of violence against me
  • At the end of lunch Kieran walked past and began to shout comments about my glasses including: “see you later four eyes”. I didn’t bother to respond as he was obviously looking for a reaction/argument. The Assistant Head then brought Kieran to my office to apologise but he clearly thought the whole thing was very amusing.
  • Kieran was swearing at one of the dept staff, also very disruptive. He was moved into my class where he continued to be outspoken and disruptive.
  • He pulled the hair of other pupils and engaged in other threatening behaviours as well as poured water into the bag of another pupil until all of their belongings and books were soaked.
  • At the end of my history lesson on Thursday period 3 I was dealing with a boy in the class While my back was turned Kieran got involved in a scuffle with Mark. It appeared serious as they were both red faced and grabbing each other.
  • He, along with others, proceeded to throw paper around the room. At the end of the lesson the room was left in a complete state.
  • Kieran came to the wrong lesson but he ignored me and threw pencils with considerable force at other children instead. He then pulled his jumper over his head and shouted “Fucking hell, I can’t see”. By this time I had approached him and asserted that he had to leave the room. He told me to fuck off several times but eventually he stood outside the door. While I was taking the register he kept trying to open the door despite another teacher reminding him that this was not appropriate. Finally as the group left the room he grabbed hold of my arm and shouted “run away Jordan, I will hold him”.
  • Kieran hit another student in the face during a Design lesson. Previous to this he used inappropriate language in the company of visitors from the University and splashed water over the floor by the sink by turning the tap deliberately on full blast so that it would spray everywhere.
  • Kieran punched a student in the face during the lesson. This followed him using foul and abusive language in the company of visitors from the University and spraying water by turning the taps in the Art room on full blast.

A question: How long a period do you think this covers? (I’ve missed out all the minor incidents from the list.) A year? Two years? Or maybe you’re more cynical. Perhaps a term? Half a term?

The answer: A month. That is the work of one eleven year old boy all within the space of four school weeks.
How much longer did it go on? I don’t know. He was still attending the school when I left months later.



  1. This is typical of a SLT who are afraid to exclude. How many kids had their education ruin by this delinquent?

    I know that there are some concerns about ex-service personnel teaching in schools but kids like this need breaking and boot camp is the answer to this nightmare. No one should have to put up with behaviour like this.

    What the hell are the parents like??

  2. […] case these other posts were sounding too cheery, read about this nightmare situation from Scenes from the Battleground, a blog about teaching in tough […]

  3. I did a chart like this on one of my students. I found out that he was disrupting my class 90% of the time. After seeing that whatever I was doing was not changing his behavior, I decided to change what I had control of, and that was my behavior. I started looking at what buttons this student pushed when he acted up and how I reacted. I started keeping a log of what he did and how I responded. Once I started to change how I behaved, he started to change in a positive manner. His grades eventually turned from an F to a B. This doesn’t always work but if it does, what could it hurt?

  4. Er huh.

    So how would you react to, say, “Kieran punched a student in the face during the lesson. This followed him using foul and abusive language in the company of visitors from the University and spraying water by turning the taps in the Art room on full blast”?

  5. Apart from being an absolute nightmare to deal with, it sounds as if Kieran must spend all day every day in a state of abject misery and rage. Thank God I’m not him.
    Sign of personal immaturity: I did actually laugh at (jumper over head) ‘Fucking hell, I can’t see.’

    • Actually, he seemed to be enjoying himself.

  6. i have seen a few Kierans in my time. Sometimes they were fundamentally unhappy, some were just dandy. They all extracted great delight at others misery and having themselves at the centre of attention.

    99% of the time its ‘curable’. And its always ‘tough love’ that is the right medicine.

    I have watched practitioners of the progressive approach to behaviour management over many years and with the exception of making good relationships between student and ‘appeaser’ they almost always fail to modify behaviour in the classroom in a long lasting meaningful way.

    I have seen good schools turn around tough kids and seen poor schools ruin good students. Let us hope that a new government can finally improve things for thousands of children in the UK.

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