RELOADED: The Anonymous Questionnaire. Part 1

February 7, 2008

This entry is now available here.



  1. I have some sympathy for Gemma. Our SMT is similarly hamstrung by the executive HT’s policy of No Exclusions At All For Anything. They have to think of ways of smoothing things out so that lessons can run even with the presence of Milliemutantspawnofsatan in them.

    Crawling up MMSOS’s ass seems to be the strategy of choice.

  2. This sounds a little like our place at the moment…we’re going downhill fast, really fast. About 2 dozen Y11s think that they’re untouchable as well as a number of Y10s. Head’s issue – there’s too much makeup and jewellery being worn. Forget the fact that kids are defying HoDs, HoYs all over the place and trashing the school. There’s currently about 40 kids in KS4 on report of some degree!

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